Heard That Homoepathy is 'Just Placebo'?

Homoepathy is 'Just Placebo'?

Let me wash this silly notion away for you. Literally. (Pun Alert!! You will see why at the end of this....)

This is a story about a very silly Homoeopath.
It happened to me a few years back and I wrote it up first for the site "Homeopathy Worked for Me" (Great site, check it out!)

Here it is:

 My Aunt's Dumb-Ass Homoeopath - a True Story:

This story goes back a few decades - when I had my first daughter and was playing dedicated earth-mother. This meant breast feeding day, night, and any time in between...being the very best mother I could be. And - whoops - forgetting to look after myself properly.

So there I was, somewhat bedraggled and run down, with straggly hair, calling in at my aunt's place, baby on my back, like a good little earth mother should.

Her homoeopath was just making a home visit.

(This was in Germany in the 70s, by the way, where people understand and respect homoeopathy. And medical doctors and homoeopaths - who are often the same person - still made home visits).

"Can you prescribe something so I don't get so tired with all this feeding the baby? And for my hair...." I asked him.

What I did not know was, that he was not the best at listening properly.                           Homoeopaths, the wonderful listeners?? Hah! He didn't even bother actually trying to hear what I was saying! He just assumed I was complaining about not having enough milk...

Off I trundled to fill the script. In went the little white pills that were going to give me lots of energy and make me hair all lush and shiny.

Well, that is not what happened.

Remember what it was like when you've just had a baby and your milk comes in? It's called 'engorgement', but it's more like being landed with built-in bazookas. (Just be grateful I have not got any photos to post...)

Suffice it to say, I turned into a fountain of nourishment, who found herself walking down the street and actually squirting through the fabric of my top!

"What the heck have you given me??!" I asked him.

"Did it not work? Haven't you got more milk now?" he replied.

What a twerp. But also: What a neat way to disprove the theory that 'It's just Placebo'!