Can Homoeopathy Help with Weight Loss?


"Just take this pill and the weight will drop off!"

"How dumb do you think I am?" you say...
Sure, I can help you lose weight. Any Homoeopath worth their salt can. I have done it. And, yes, there are remedies that can help.

It may be a remedy that helps with the issue that makes the patient eat, or it may be one that can be taken before a meal to stop that appetite go hay-wire.
Or that one that deals with sugar cravings.

BUT: Part of being a good little Homoeopath, like I am trying to be, is to remove what we call the 'Maintaining Cause'!
And that may be just one aspect of your diet. And this time it's NOT sugar I want to tell you about. By now we all know about that sugar connection, and how artificial sweeteners end up actually making us eat more.

But here's another biggie, which goes like this:It seems that when we take in certain pollutants, called (in a rather cute way) 'POPs' (short for Persistent Organic Pollutants), these make us - and our kids - pile on the fat.

We know that they somehow do this, but how?
The theory is, that because our clever body is trying to put these poisons somewhere safe, it produces fat cells to stick them into.
There is a 20-year- study (!) showing clear association between POPs and weight gain. And Diabetes.

So where do we get these - not so cute at all! - POP pollutants from?
Our main intake comes from Pesticides, Insecticides, so that means many of the sprays on our food.  This bears repeating: Sprays, that are on and in our food, can make us fat (quite apart from other nasty long-term effects).

Other pollutants that have the same effect are plasticisers, as found in microwaveable food wraps and other plastic food containers.
Yet another reminder that cooking ourselves a delicious real meal with simple unsprayed food is the way to go!

So: Homoeopathy for weight loss? Absolutely!

Just make sure you get rid of the reasons for the weight also!