Can you actually ABUSE Homoeopathic Remedies?

I definitely think so!

Here's why:
After every exercise like Yoga, or Tramping, when I knew I would be sore the next day, I would throw in a dose of Arnica 30.
It worked too.
Like a charm - I could move like the tin man after a good oiling.

Now I have just found out, that the sore time in your muscles is actually important.
It's there to protect them - they need a rest period of about 48 hours to heal and grow stronger before being stressed again.

This is how it works:
The reason rest periods are crucial is because of the way muscle building functions. You’re basically causing tiny micro injuries in your tissues when you work out. Then when you rest, the body repairs the muscles and makes them stronger than before.

If you don’t have proper rest periods, you’ll just continually injure your body without actually gaining muscle. That can be very unhealthy.

==> What’s the Proper Rest Period?

The proper rest period is about 48 hours for each muscle group.

So: That means you can still exercise the next day, but work with a different muscle group.

Cool, isn't it!?
Learnt something again...